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Seven billion people. 195 Countries.

Seven Continents. One Planet.

Explore this wonderous world from the comfort of your own home 

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I love this planet. I love the people, the languages, the cultures, the history, the animals, the landscapes, the life that is supported here. It has been a lifetime dream and soul desire of mine to travel the world with my family; learning, loving, and living as global citizens. For years I struggled to find the right avenue to accomplish this big goal. Nothing seemed to fit right or feel right and I was beginning to doubt if this would ever become a reality. 

In 2018, I finally received my answer. The burning desire to turn travel into my lifestyle was given to me for reasons beyond my own personal needs. I am the vessel, the messenger, the vehicle to bring the world to you! It wasn’t until I fully understood this that Soul Searching the World was born. 

My family and I travel. We bring the world to you. Each month, we will visit a different place, learn new languages, dive into strange cultures, and connect with beautiful souls together. An interactive, virtual travel experience will bring the diversity of this planet into the lives of those who want to travel but can’t, those that can travel but don’t want to, educators, schools, parents, children, and will even connect people and families living outside of their home country back to their roots.

Ready to join the movement and explore this wonderous world from the comfort of your own home? Choose your level of support by visiting the Patreon page and earn rewards each month as we travel together. There’s so much to see and do so let’s get going!